Frequently Asked Questions

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I just signed up, what happens next?
Who cooks for Spatulae?
What is the portion size of the meals?
How does Spatulae ensure great food quality?
What kind of ingredients do Spatulae cooks use?
What can I order?
How do I order?
Do I have to pay upfront for the entire week/month?
What if I need to skip a week or two?
What is the latest by when I can skip for the week?
When do I pay- upon order or delivery?
Who do I pay- the chef upon delivery or Spatulae?
How do I pay for my meals?
Who delivers my meals?
What day(s) does delivery take place?
What time can I expect my meals to be delivered?
How do we ensure that meals are not spoilt?
Can I still order if I have food allergy?